Dispatching Software For Small Business

Our fleet dispatching software is designed for small taxi fleets business. An investment in efficiency and productivity. Save time and money while improving customer experiences. Upgrade to software that meets your cab business demands.

Cabsoluit Small Fleet Management Software

Admin Panel

The admin panel is your web-based hub for small fleet taxi dispatch software that enables the administrators to manage diverse ensure smooth operations.

Driver App

The Driver app installed on a driver’s device, is designed for taxi or rideshare drivers to efficiently manage rides and deliver quality service to passengers.

Booking App

Cabsoluit booking app is easy-to-use and connects passengers with drivers. Real-time location tracking, fares, driver reviews, and payment choices are offered.

Features Of Small Fleet Taxi Dispatch Software
Small Fleet Taxi Dispatch Software

Booking Management

  • Receiving bookings
  • Assigning bookings
  • Tracking bookings
  • Managing bookings
  • Pre-Assign Vehicle Option
Small fleet tracking software

Vehicle Tracking - GIS

  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Tour Tracking
  • Historical Tours Path
  • Overview of Complete Fleet
  • Vehicle Locations History
small fleet management software

Fare Management

  • Multiple Fares Option
  • Fixed Price Option in Zones
  • Waiting/Cancellation charges
  • Peak/Night-Time Fare
  • Manage Special days Fare
Cost-effective taxi dispatch software

External Integration

  • Patient transport (Nissy)
  • MIVAI – GoMobile
  • EasyPay (Card Terminal)
  • Stripe/Mailgun
  • Multi-Languages
Cloud-based taxi dispatch software for small fleets

Booking Terminal

  • Instant & Advance Booking
  • Advance Booking
  • Multiple Car Types
  • Cancel Booking Option
  • Locations (Airport, Bus stand)
small fleet management software


  • Multiple Reports Option
  • Shift & Tour Report
  • Suspicious Tours Report
  • Drivers Income Report
  • Productivity Reports

Benefits Of Our Fleet Vehicle Booking System

affordable taxi tracking systems

Profitable Solution

taxi tracking system

Better Customer Engagement

taxi cab tracking dispatch systems

Real-Time Analytics

taxi booking management software

Best Driver Management

taxi management solution

Efficient Dispatching

white label taxi management software

Mobile Friendly

More question? Let us help!

What is small fleet taxi dispatch software?

Cabsoluit small fleet management software is a solution that helps small and medium-sized taxi companies manage and optimize their fleets. It allows companies to track and manage their vehicles and drivers, dispatch rides efficiently, and provide better customer service.

What specific challenges your taxi COMPANY currently facing?

To effectively manage and track taxi operations, it’s important to combine technology, strategy, and operational efficiency. Most taxi companies are facing issues related to driver management, vehicle management, customer service, fare management, and the competitive taxi industry. To expand a small fleet into a larger business, it’s crucial to prioritize the adoption of a technologically advanced fleet vehicle booking system.

How CAn Cabsoluit small fleet management software, benefit your taxi company?

Our small fleet taxi dispatch software can help your company save time and money by automating many of the tasks involved in managing your fleet. It can also improve customer satisfaction by providing better visibility into ride status and allowing for a faster, more efficient fleet vehicle booking system.

How much does your Small Fleet Taxi Dispatch Software cost?

We are offering two pricing models. Our pricing models are based on the number of vehicles in your fleet and the features you need. Please contact us for a customized price based on your specific needs.

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