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Modernize Your Corporate Taxi Business

At Cabsoluit, we redefine corporate travel by offering an advanced dispatch software tailored for both corporate offices and taxi businesses. Elevate your transportation experience with a suite of services designed to prioritize reliability, efficiency, and comfort.

Your All-in-One Solution

Simplify operations, increase productivity, and surpass your targets with our inclusive cloud-based corporate taxi booking system.

Corporate Reception View

Corporate receptionists, with a welcoming demeanor, manage office logistics efficiently, from signing packages to scheduling pick-ups, ensuring a smooth workplace for all. Cabsoluit, through its Corporate Transportation Software, not only acknowledges but enhances the role of receptionists. This web-based dispatch software allows effortless ride bookings from the office reception, requiring only a drop-off notification from the employer.

Cabsoluit – Your Reliable Corporate Travel Partner

Cabsoluit introduces a transformative approach to corporate taxi dispatch, streamlining operations for better growth. Experience reliable and efficient transportation services designed to meet corporate travel needs. Taxi businesses have benefited from the implementation of technology in their business by leveraging accurate information, allowing for strategic cost management and financial stability.

Key Features

Streamlined Booking Process

Cabsoluit’s booking terminal simplifies the reservation process for users. It reduces the manual intervention required, leading to fewer errors and ensuring that bookings are made efficiently.

Customizable Solutions

Cabsoluit offers flexibility in its services. Businesses can customize the booking terminal to match their branding, preferences, and specific requirements, ensuring a tailored experience for their users.

Safety and Security

Cabsoluit emphasizes safety and security. The system can integrate features such as real-time tracking, driver verification, and emergency support, ensuring that users feel safe when using the booking terminal.

Enhanced Customer Experience

By providing a convenient booking source, companies and hotels can offer their customers/employees a seamless experience, making it easier and faster for them to avail services or book cab rides.

Cost Savings

By optimizing the booking and dispatching process, companies can reduce overhead costs related to manual booking systems, administrative tasks, and potential errors. This results in significant cost savings in the long run.


As businesses grow, their transportation and booking needs evolve. Cabsoluit offers scalable solutions that can adapt requirements of a growing organization, ensuring that businesses can expand without any hindrances.

Increased Efficiency

With an integrated system, businesses can manage bookings in real-time, optimize vehicle usage, and reduce waiting times. This leads to improved operational efficiency and better resource utilization.

Data-Driven Insights

The system provides valuable data analytics and reporting features. Businesses can gain insights into booking trends, peak hours, customer preferences, allowing them to make informed decisions.

Competitive Advantage:

By offering a modern booking solution, companies and hotels can differentiate themselves from competitors. It showcases their commitment to innovation and providing the best experience to their customers.

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