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MID Approved 

Mirror Taximeter price

Explore MID-approved Alberen mirror taximeter by Cabsoluit! Equitable and open, this advance meter offer real-time fare calculation, easy-to-read displays, and precision for both drivers and passengers. No fleet size worries—get automotive accuracy for transparent and accurate fare measurement.

Upgrade Your Taxi with MID-Approved Taximeter!

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Cost-Effective | Reliable | Accurate

Precision in every ride! Our accurate taxi fare calculator ensures transparent pricing, enhanced safety, and efficient route planning with GPS-tracking mirror taximeters.

Join hundreds of professional drivers worldwide in the Alberen family for cost reduction and optimal service. Start driving today with seamless taxi meter installation!

Join our family of hundreds of professional drivers already using our Alberen taxi meter worldwide and start driving today.

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MID Approved taxi meter price

MID Approved Taxi Meter Installation Cost and Automation

The cost of installing an Albern taxi meter can vary depending on the make and model of the devices. Cabsoluit a taxi fare calculator provider offers market-competitive taxi meter installation pricing. Going with modern technological trends and Cabsoluit came up with a unique possibility for every driver and taxi owner. Innovative, affordable, high-quality MID Approved taxi meter services that deliver long-term commercial benefits. Our flexible taxi meter price not only has extensive features but we also provide the automation and installation that makes it unique.

Why Is An Innovative Mirror Taximeter Need?

  • Enjoy convenience, accuracy, safety, professionalism, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Experience versatility, compliance, and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Enhance communication and reduce driver stress.
  • Explore the benefits, including a low taxi meter installation cost.

What’s Included in Taxi Meter Installation Cost?

cheap dispatch software

Cost Effectiveness

Multiple payment methods which include TT, Taxicard, Nissy mm

cheap dispatch software

Reduced Conflict

There will be less conflict between drivers and passengers over fares.
reliable solution


We have your fleet covered with everything your fleet needs.

reliable solution

Fair Pricing

Taxi meters ensure that customers are charged a fair price for their rides
route planning system

GPS Based App

Get the passengers to their destination quickly with the navigation.

route planning system

Competitive Advantage

You have a competitive advantage over those that do not use Taximeter

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