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Complete White Label Taxi Dispatch Solution

Cabsoluit offers a highly efficient, affordable, and customizable solution that goes beyond providing a white label app. We offer a comprehensive package that ensures seamless operations, real-time insights, and user-friendly features, making it the ultimate choice for your taxi service needs.
Following are the features you will get in a complete taxi solution, designed to empower your business.

Passenger App

Seamless Registration 

Users can easily create accounts and start booking rides with a seamless and user-friendly registration process that requires just a few simple steps.

Ride Tracking & sharing 

With our app, users can track their ride in real time for safety, plus, they can effortlessly share trip details with friends and family.

Multiple Payment Options

Conveniently choose from a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, or cash, to suit user preferences.

Promo Codes

Every ride with Cabsoluit rewards users with valuable points. Our exclusive promo codes make journeys cost-effective, enhancing the overall value of every ride. 

Driver App

In App Registration

Our driver app streamlines the online registration process within the app, making it convenient for new drivers to sign up and get started quickly. 

Real Time Fare

With our driver app, Drivers can calculate fares for complete transparency, providing passengers with accurate estimates for enhanced trust.

Captain Portal 

Our Captain Portal lets your drivers receive real-time ride requests, manage their availability, and easily accept or reject ride requests.

Driver Wallet

The driver wallet feature simplifies financial transactions and earnings management. Easily track and access your earnings, making it secure and convenient.

Admin Panel

Multi-level Roles & Rights

It provides multi-level roles and rights system, allowing to assign specific access and permissions to ensure that each member has the appropriate level of control.

Fare Management

Effortlessly manage fares with our Admin Panel. Set and adjust pricing structures, to cater to different markets and customer needs.

Multi Cities Support 

With our Admin Panel, you can easily offer your services in multiple cities, making it simple to run operations in different places.

Zone Management

Easily create, edit, and set prices for zones to streamline service coverage. Monitor and control operations in specific areas with ease for optimized performance.

Web Booking

Instant & Pre-Booking

Our web booking service allows clients to place orders instantly and schedule future rides, ensuring service availability at their convenience.

Fare Estimation

It provides users with a convenient fare estimation feature, allowing them to calculate the cost of the ride based on the selected route and preferred vehicle type.

Map Integration

Experience an interactive booking process enhanced by our integrated maps. Easily add the pickup and drop-off locations for a clear understanding of your journey.

Confirmation and Notifications

Upon booking, users will receive instant confirmation to provide assurance. Additionally, our system sends timely notifications updating users on the status of their ride.

Booking Terminal

Corporate Business Settings

Customize your taxi business using our system, accommodating corporate employees’ pick-up and drop-off requirements for enhanced overall efficiency.

Guest and Reception View

Simplify the taxi service experience for hotels with our Booking Terminal’s guest and reception view for a smooth and convenient service for all guests.

Favorite Locations

Admins have the privilege of creating and managing favorite locations, ensuring swift access to frequently visited destinations

Real-Time Tracking

Experience real-time tracking, ensuring prompt updates on taxi locations. This feature enhances efficiency for both businesses and customers.



Easily manage all dispatch requests from a single Dashboard, assigning rides, tracking trips, and overseeing customer profiles and queries for complete control.

Vehicle Tracking

Track your drivers and vehicles in real-time, ensuring efficient and reliable service management, and stay informed about their current locations.

Locating Rides

Locate and manage rides seamlessly with our Queue-based and Distance-based Dispatch Options, streamlining the dispatch process for a smooth service experience.

Scheduling Convenience

Now, with our app, you can conveniently schedule your rides in advance, whether it’s for your daily commute or special events.

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