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Stream your operations with Cabsoluit’s
passenger app for Efficiency and Control

Cabsoluit’s passenger app is designed to benefit your customers by making their taxi experience simple, smooth, and enjoyable. It’s all about ensuring that they have access to dependable transportation, a range of payment options, and various features that enhance their overall satisfaction and convenience.

Passenger App

Seamless Registration 

Users can easily create accounts and start booking rides with a seamless and user-friendly registration process that requires just a few simple steps.

Ride Tracking & sharing 

With our app, users can track their ride in real time for safety, plus, they can effortlessly share trip details with friends and family.

Multiple Payment Options

Conveniently choose from a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, or cash, to suit user preferences.

Promo Codes

Provide exclusive promo codes with Cabsoluit ride, providing cost-effective journeys and maximizing overall value for passengers enrolled in loyalty programs.

Other Exciting Features!

Instant and Quick Ride Booking

Experience the convenience of instant taxi bookings, minimizing wait times and ensuring they can reach their destination promptly. Make their journey efficient and hassle-free with our user-friendly service.

Different Fare Types

Our app offers passengers the flexibility to select the fare type whether it’s a local trip or a standard ride, our transparent and competitive pricing ensures that they get the best value for their money.

Car Types Selection

Our app offers passengers the flexibility to pick from a range of car types, for important appointments or special events. Get the vehicle that suits your specific travel needs, offering flexibility and convenience.

Ride Status

Passengers can keep track of their ride’s progress in real-time, providing peace of mind and ensuring a smooth and transparent journey experience keeping passengers informed throughout the trip.

Schedule Booking

Reduce last-minute worries, passengers can easily plan and schedule their rides in advance, ensuring they have reliable transportation ready for important appointments, travel plans, or special events.

Report a Problem in Tour

Offer your passengers to report issues or concerns effortlessly through our app for a responsive service. Ensure passenger satisfaction with a feature designed to address and resolve concerns promptly.
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    Are you in search of reliable and efficient fleet management software to automate your fleet operations or a white label taxi app? Cabsoluit will provide you with highly efficient, affordable, and customizable cloud-based fleet management software. Get it free for 14 days and test it for the specific needs of your business.

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