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11 Features That Makes a Best Taxi Dispatch System

An intelligent taxi dispatch algorithm and panel is the soul of the taxi service. The best taxi dispatch software gives you endless possibilities to handle the taxi drivers, cabs, and customers and make actionable decisions based on the trip data.

How White Label Taxi Booking Apps can save Time & Money for your Business

The white label taxi dispatch system is the best investment for the growth of your business. You will benefit a lot from brand visibility and logo customization. You can get all this within a week with a better return on investment (ROI) idea. So upgrade your system by contacting Cabsoluit and get your white label taxi booking app.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Select from the following list of product and technical FAQs. Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions. If you have any confusion regarding pricing modules simply ask away.

What does this mean in practice in Norway?

In practice, this means that anyone can start a company, apply for a license and put a car into operation like a taxi. There is no ceiling on the number of liars in the market. Those who are looking for a flexible job have an opportunity here. The government believes that the market will regulate price and demand. This means that you can charge what you want. You can also apply to a central. It is then up to the exchange to approve you as a licensee or not. Our solution works just as well as a stand-alone solution and or connected to another exchange. If you later want to create a switchboard, the solution is scalable..

What is a free field taxi?

Politicians are hoping for bigger deals and cheaper deals for their citizens. This entails major changes for the industry and taxi customers, but at the same time gives everyone the opportunity to own a taxi and be a driver full-time or part-time.

What rules apply to a free rider?

  • There is no requirement for a taxi lamp.
  • There is a requirement for a taxi light if you want to drive in the public transport area.
  • You decide your uniform yourself.
  • You can decide the working hours yourself.
  • You decide your own prices.
  • You can have as many taxi licenses as you want.
  • You can work all over the country.
  • The car must be insured as a commercial vehicle and registered for business.
  • Minimum marking of a cab is the license number on the side doors as

I want to be a free rider?

Being a free rider means that you do not want to be associated with any central. You decide everything yourself, including prices, working hours, profiling, uniform and more. However, it is a requirement that you have a taximeter that is MID approved and that meets some national requirements