We are all aware of how dreadful Covid-19 (Coronavirus) has become. The World health organization ( WHO ) has declared coronavirus a major global threat. Countries like China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, France, Germany, US, Switzerland, and Norway are shutting down offices, public places, restaurants, etc as people learn how to adapt life amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The transport sector is affected the most by this and taxi services/ride-hailing is not an exception. The first reported death as a result of coronavirus was of a taxi driver in Thailand. In Singapore, two cabbies and two ride-hailing service drivers were also infected. Taxi drivers are on the verge of getting infected because they’ve to interact with different passengers. It’s also not possible to stop people from local traveling because they’ll have to move for various basic needs including any medical emergency, the need for basic food supply, etc.

The virus is thought to spread mainly from person-to-person. Only the best taxi dispatch system that will follow the safety guidelines can survive in this pandemic. Here are some important precautionary measures

Clean your hands often

Since this virus spreads by touching affected objects and especially when you’re traveling in a taxi you’ll have to open the door, you’ll be handling money so you must carry an antibacterial gel or hand sanitizer with you. Drivers should also keep this with themselves.


Have a supply of essential things in the cab

Drivers should keep hand sanitizer, masks, and tissues in the cab for passengers to catch coughs and sneezes.


Stay alert and aware everyone

Whether you’re driving the car and you’re a passenger you should stay alert about each other. If you notice that a passenger is ill you should make sure that they have tissues or wipes with them. Ask them to wear a mask if they haven’t.


Don’t touch your face

When you’re driving a taxi your hands will be on the wheel and you’ll be concentrating on the road but if you need to adjust your glass or anything, use a tissue before doing it.


Misting the Taxi

Drivers must wipe down seats and wipe down seats, door handles, and seat belts after each passenger.


Don’t let passengers sit on the front seat

Coronavirus spreads between people in close contact with each other so drivers shouldn’t let passengers sit in the front seat.

It is spreading day by day but people have to take every precautionary measure to carry out their daily life necessities. It is a global health tension that is straining public health systems and bogging down advanced economies and societies by the day. Agricultural, health care sector, tourism, and sports industries are also affected because of coronavirus so everyone should take precautionary measures and stay safe.


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