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Every cab entrepreneur’s ambition is to manage a well-run and well-maintained taxi business. It’s 2022 and every industry is using digital receipts, and digital billings methods and all data is recorded digitally because it is minus the manual effort and the chances of errors.  Having a digital report feature for your taxi business would be a cherry on top. The flexibility of cab management software to provide different kinds of reports is an important reporting feature for taxi businesses.

The global taxi market is estimated to be worth $69.18 billion in 2019 and is predicted to expand to $120.89 billion by 2027. The taxi sector has been proven to be the most efficient and profitable industry in an ever-increasing taxi economic perspective.

Every company’s primary motto is “Make a lot of money with a little investment.” But having a business, recruiting employees, and earning a profit isn’t enough in this competitive market. If you wish to be a well-known industry brand for a long time you should structure and sustain your business. Using line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts, and other visual representations to collect and test data is a sign of a successful business strategy.


Why are automated reports important for your taxi business?

Over 627,000 businesses are started each year. But 20% of new businesses failed in the first two years, 45 percent in the first five years, and 65 percent in the first 10. The most common cause of failure is Mismanagement and they are not equipped with advanced technologies. Having a 24/7 staff working 24/7 to get the data and receipts ready for customers takes a lot of time and effort.


How can you perform 2x better with Automated Reports Flexibility?


  • With digital reporting, you may save both time and money.
  • Business reports assist in determining and evaluating performance and the strength of the business.
  • Instead of paper receipts, get all your information on digital honest receipts.
  • Make better business judgments and plans.
  • At any time, you may get a complete report on your business performance.
  • Reports allow you to track the progress of your company’s efforts.
  • Provide staff with accurate information about their activity.
  • Keep a detailed record of all acts, as well as any suspicious activity.
  • Reports help in the efficient operation of your business.
  • Increase the level of trust between the owner and the workers.
  • Reports give data about your company’s financial challenges, enabling you to avoid and handle them.
  • Reports ensure that your company is completely protected or self-doubting.


Now get rid of manual work and save your time with automated reports


  • Shift report

Shift management allows a fleet manager to view data regarding driver shifts. This includes viewing the time span of shifts, odometer data collected at the start and end of the shifts, and viewing various default parameters for the shifts that affect the reports. The end of shift and tour reports are also generated from the shift management screen. Finally, all of the shift data (including detail on every job done during that shift) can be exported from this page.

  • Tour report

The tour report shows receipt, tour logs, and map details for a specific tour. It helps to document all necessary information regarding a trip like a driver, vehicle number, tour start & end time payment method & distance traveled with a passenger.

  • Income report

Businesses create income reports regularly to assist them in staying on pace to meet their sales and profit goals. These reports will highlight any major negative deviations in financial performance compared to the yearly business plan’s expectations and will explain the reasons. This report page provides complete information about your cash.

  • Tour Quality Report

The quality of your company’s services is the most important factor in growing your business. You may view all the information about your bookings and their performance in a digital format. It will assist you in resolving all concerns related to the quality of excursions. 

  • Salary Report

A salary report is a detailed description of the amounts payable to workers for work completed within a specific period. When compared to creating a manual pay report, creating a digital salary report with all the employees’ details is the ideal option. In a matter of minutes or seconds, you can obtain a digitally computed pay report based on your agreed proportion.

  • Suspicious Tours Report

Every taxi business’s primary aim should be to ensure passenger safety while riding. Any unusual behavior on the part of the driver can be recognized. It protects both the company owner and the passengers against any unethical activities. This reporting feature helps the owner to monitor the loyalty, & punctuality of the driver.

  • Driver Performance Report

Administrators can use driver performance assessments. To focus on individual productivity and opportunities for development and growth. This is a great moment for you to talk about work performance, wages, and company objectives. As well as what they need to do to get there. The performance report can be used to state specifics about the driver that needs to be addressed.


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