Bookingterminal taxi is the most advance and customer friendly. It is the most ideal method to commute in the city. An online booking platform has become a necessity these days and when it comes to restaurants and hotels, they always wanted a bookingterminal taxi that they can use for all of their customers. Booking terminal in a taxi dispatch system is the most essential feature that makes it a best taxi dispatch system. Client’s simplicity is the thing that matter to most companies and for that, they required a bookingterminal taxi because it’s the most accessible and beneficial means of transportation.

Well, there’re 8 important features in a bookingterminal that every company should have in their system.

Reception View for Corporate

Booking terminal comes with a reception view that gives the customers the ease of not booking their ride themselves. If a company has a receptionist at airports, bus stands or hotels do this for customers. The customer just has to inform them about their drop-off and they’ll do the rest.

Guest View for Hotels & Airports

Guest view booking in a bookingterminal is simply a minimal version of the reception view in bookingterminal. Guest view in booking terminal means that there are tablets installed at a specific location and customers can just go and book a ride for themselves. They can view the fares and can also book their ride in advance as well. Companies can also have this guest view system installed at the roadside or anywhere they want to.

Theme Customization (Logo, Color)

Some restaurants and hotels have employed booking terminals for their customers but without having people often struggle to find the car they order via booking terminal at airports or restaurants because they look like a normal car but having some specific logo or color can make it completely different and easy for the customers to identify it. With a theme customization option in booking terminals, passengers will feel safe and secure that they’re using a verified service by the restaurant or the hotel.

Special Locations (Airport, Bus stand)

You can employ a booking terminal at any of your required locations whether it’s a hotel, bus stand or any restaurant. It is the most ideal method to commute in the city so using a bookingterminal at any of your special locations will let you gain more customer and automated methods will help you save a lot of your time.

Fare Estimation

Sometimes customers think that a customized or branded bookingterminal taxi will cost them more as compared to other taxi service but with fare estimation feature in it, they can calculate their fare from the pick-up location to their drop-off location and then enjoy the ride comfortably.

Multiple Car Types

Multiple car types in a bookingterminal system let customers enjoy whatever car type they want to use. From luxurious car to normal affordable car which that company is offering you can add any car type in this feature.

Instant and Advance Booking

bookingterminal taxi is all about instant booking. It avoids the hassle of hailing a taxi on the road and then guiding the driver about your dropoff. You can simply just book your ride in a few seconds and your ride will pick you up from your pin location. You can also book your ride in advance if you just want to go straight in. These features in a bookingterminal taxi give a customer the utmost relaxation of booking.

Rebook and Cancel Option

Rebooking in a bookingterminal taxi is also a major feature. Anyone can rebook a ride and if they want to cancel it first they can do that also. Sometimes in confusion wrong, drop-off location can let anyone cancel their ride but with features like rebooking in bookingterminal gives customers the satisfaction of using the service again.

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