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An advanced taximeter installation has become the necessity of every Taxi or cab service owner. With the advancement of technologies, taxi companies have raised the bar for dispatch solutions prices and that leaves the Taxi owners stand-alone who have a small fleet. Since the new taximeter law has passed in Norway now it has become necessary for every driver to have a MID- Approved taximeter installation which will be checked annually by the Norwegian Metrology Service. So every cab driver who wants to stay on the road has to have a measuring instruments directive ( MID ) approved taximeter. 


 ‘’You Need A Device That Tells You The Truth & Thrive Your Business, No Matter How Expensive It Is’’

  • One of the advantages of taxi meter installation is a reliable Device, that provides a precise portion of what the charge should be.
  • MID approved taximeter is a cost-effective device & GPS-based app to create easiness for Drivers and Passengers to reach their goal.   
  • A taximeter is a tool that makes your journey fraud control & it has been mandatory in Norway for every taxi. Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications is managing the taxi market on the national level.
  • If the driver presses the start button to enter take on mode, the GPS tracking device would get the sign from the taximeter and send data to the server with car plate number, meter number, & start time.
  • At the end of the trip, the driver presses the STOP button to enter into end mode. The tracking device would send data to the server including start time, end time, total time, waiting time, distance, fare. 
  • Taximeter installation decreases the driver’s unethical behavior; taxi meter function in GPS tracking can diminish the cab drivers’ exploitation behaviors; management can obtain the real-time fare data online.
  • Having a taximeter, you can easily acquire the date of distance, consumed fuel, and total fare or income of your rides. 
  • The GPS tracking in taximeters can improve your routes and you can reach your customers on time which results in a good service. 
  • Taxi meters use objective measures to protect both drivers and passengers. As long as you pay attention to the meter and know your rights, there’s no reason to worry.


Customers will never love a company until the teams love it first.


As a business having been involved in the taxi industry for over 20 years, we know having the best equipment on the road that provides the best service to the customer is the most important thing a fleet can do. With our industry-leading line of products like our MID-approved Taximeter to our full Taxi dispatch system, we have your fleet covered with everything your fleet needs to be successful for the modern age.  Automate your Taxi business with fully equipped and advanced features that are necessary for the growth of your business. With cabsoluit, you can enjoy the features like

  • Booking App iOS, Android
  • Admin Portal
  • Owners Portal
  • Vehicle Tracking – GIS
  • Ticket Management
  • Driver App iOs, Android
  • Fare Calculator
  • Dispatch System
  • Reports
  • External Integrations
  • Driver App Android Tab
  • Booking Management
  • Fare Management
  • Booking Terminal
  • Analytics (Power BI)

 So If you are truly interested to make secure & raise your business according to Norwegian law. Our proficient team is facilitating worldwide customers. Contact us now for a free demo and bring a change to your cab business and get an Alberen Taximeter. 


Let’s commence the journey with Cabsoluit because Cabsoluit loves to serve its admired clients.

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